Eric Radman


What I am About

I take portraits on color reversal film. This analog medium is not very tolerant of error on the part of the photographer, but it has tonal response that is lively and exactly matches my effort to create a personal connection through a photograph.

A second feature of film is that it is believable. The structure of dyes does not appear plastic, and is a worthy representation of the beauty located within a human being.

The Process

Sunlight usually my first choice, also but use constant lighting. In a standard individual session I will take 15-20 frames, of which 8-10 of typically hit the mark.

After this initial selection I scan them using a light-table and a digital camera. The advantage of a digital camera over a flatbed scanner is the ability to take bracketed exposures from the film, which are then stacked and merged into a single file to create a high dynamic range image. This step is the most time consuming, and my aim in this final edit is to bring the file in line as closely as I can with what the human eye can see on the light table.


It is always my goal to capture an image worth displaying, which is why I budget for at least one enlargements as part of the standard pricing. To capture the detail and color depth required for this step I will send the best image for a drum scan which I adjust and send to the print shop.

8 Tudor Dr. / Endicott, NY 13760